Leave it to the Pros

Hey, everyone!  Shannon, here, with Shindig Entertainment! This week, I’d like to take a moment to introduce to you, an EXTREMELY talented young lady, Taryn Smallwood, with Astonished Wedding Planning .  I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with her, on a couple of occasions, about the utmost significance of hiring a wedding professional, versus an amateur.

Being a DJ in the wedding industry, I have certainly heard some horror stories.  Oh, you know- the one about the hobbyist DJ friend who gets hired for the big day, or the ameteur DJ who doesn't quite have weddings down, just yet.  Let’s just say, there was some regret, afterwards.  DJs aren’t the only amateurs I’ve seen at weddings, however.  I have personallyseen it all.  Couples ask a friend to take care of the “catering” (yes, literally brought a slew of takeout, and guests ate cold chicken and pasta, by the time dinner was served).  I have even seen a friend of the bride essentially plan the entire wedding, take photos, and be a bridesmaid, all in one!  At one point, I think I asked to see her cape, because I was convinced she was a superhero (and she was). That one didn’t end up in disaster, but she never got to revel in the experience, and enjoy herself.

Back to my featured guest, Taryn Smallwood.  After reading, I very much wanted to share with all of you, her blog, Amateur vs. Professional Wedding Planner .  She really hit the nail on the head, and shed some light on the subject.  I also realized she and I both agree on something drastically important: educating people.  All the attention to detail, the constantly-changing plans, the problem solving- I mean, this is why professionals do what they do!  Anyone else would completely forget about these things, until it’s too late.  Hiring an amateur, to take charge of a day, which cannot be taken back, or done-over, is taking a tremendous risk. 

What I took from this:  Let your loved ones actually enjoy this one-time experience; and if you think you’re getting a deal, by hiring an amateur, or a hobbyist, you may want to think again, because you could potentially be setting yourself up for disappointment.  You have ONE chance to have a perfectly executed wedding day!  Leave it to the pros.  

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • We were so happy to work with David from Shindig DJs. We really appreciated how David kept communicating with us leading up to the big day and then worked with our planner to make sure everything was perfect. He was able to find all of the songs we requested and really understood what we were looking for. We were also very impressed with the lighting he set up in the venue.
    - Briley Peters
  • David did our wedding reception and he was phenomenal!! We couldn’t have been happier! Communication leading up to the big day was so helpful! He is so thorough making sure to get exactly what you want (and keeping out what you don’t want!). He’s also amazing at communicating with the other vendors especially photographers and videographers making sure they are ready for each important moment of the night. I seriously couldn’t imagine our night without David as our DJ!
    - Blayne & Antonette Jemelka
  • David goes above and beyond to make your day special and perfect. He is extremely organized, easy to work with, and he will do just about anything to make sure your day goes how you want it to go, without making any of it seem like a big deal or difficult! He offered to help with so much more than just being a DJ, and we had several guests comment on what a great job he did as DJ as well! Recommend him over and over!!!
    - Hannah Perrine
  • David Smith and ShinDig DJs is the best there is out there! Very professional and accommodating. He came up with the best playlist from cocktail hour and dinner to then keeping literally everyone on the dance floor until the end. If you need a DJ to MC your wedding, corporate party or any other event Shindig DJs is the only company to consider. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed!
    - Kelly Evans
  • David was the perfect DJ for our wedding. We are a couple that is passionate about music so we had a lot of requests and he catered to all of our wants and needs! He had great planning forms that allowed us to provide all the pertinent information with everything that was occurring in the wedding and he was very responsive whenever we needed to communicate about anything. Not to mention, he has the perfect DJ voice. We would hire him again without hesitation.
    - Chelsea Todd
  • Shannon was the DJ for our wedding. She was so lovely and made time to meet with us before the wedding in order to talk the whole day over and get to know what our vision for the day was. We had a fairly unconventional ceremony and she was so flexible and came up with creative solutions to help our vision come to life! Shannon was also fantastic during the reception and made sure to include our song requests and keep the event running smoothly!
    - Sara Kinney-Lang
  • David from shindig did such an awesome job for our wedding. He got the room jumping and even was able to add a little unexpected musically flair that made the evening enjoyable for every single guest. Will definitely use again
    - Emily Chin